Fuller lips with Candylipz: Review

I was born with full lips, but after wearing braces for two years my lip shape and fullness became much thinner.  I’ve tried other lip plumping products in the past to no avail.  I purchased this product after stumbling upon it on Instagram, as a few of the beauty bloggers I follow on Instagram were using it.  I also watched a ton of Youtube reviews.


Product details:  Candylipz is an award-winning, manual silicone-pump used to enhance lip shape and volume through advanced suction technology.  The increase in lip volume and plumpness is temporary, lasting for only a few hours.  But, with prolonged daily use the results may last significantly longer and even become permanent.  Candylipz is available in two sets (for small and large mouths) and both sets include two different models (Model A and B).  Model A creates a double lobbed bottom lip to achieve the Angelina Jolie look of a middle line on your bottom lip.  Model B plumps your lips as is, no line down the middle.

My experience:  I bought Candylipz Apple in Model B because I do not like the look of the double lobbed bottom lip.  At first, I struggled with this product even though I watched a handful of instructional Youtube videos.  For some reason I could not get the right pressure so it would not adhere to my mouth.  Then after using the mouth cover I finally got it to work.  I would have tried using the mouth cover first, but I didn’t think it came with the product because instead of being inside the cute little box with the Candylipz lip plumper, the mouth cover was at the very bottom of the shipping box.

The first 7-10 days of use is termed the “Conditioning Period,” in which you allow your lips to adjust to the product.  This period is critical because the lips may bruise and/or cupping marks (a.k.a. hickey marks) may appear around the mouth. The guidelines for the Conditioning Period is located on the Candylipz website.  Candylipz is not painful, but it was a little uncomfortable/unpleasant at times as my blood quickly rushed into my lips.  If it started feeling painful, I removed the device and then reapplied using less suction.  However, this would not prevent me from continuing use.  On the third day of use, I was really able to see how large Candylipz could make my lips.  They were HUGE!!  Sadly, I did get a some faint bruising around my upper and lower lips.  I easily masked the bruising with makeup.  I’ll post my before and after pic once I have completed the Conditioning Period as to not deter others from using because of my visible bruising.

Review:  Candylipz does work! It is by far the best non-invasive lip plumping product I have ever tried.  I will continue using it and look forward to seeing the effects of long term use.  Cons:  Candylipz is a little pricey ($69.00).  Overall, It cost me roughly $80 with shipping.  Also, it took forever to ship to my house.  The bruising/cupping marks suck, but are not so horrible and hopefully will stop after completing the Conditioning Period.  In the end, I don’t think the cons outweigh the pros 🙂

Please excuse my appearance in the pic below.  I was so excited to find that box of Candylipz when I got home from a long, long day of work and found the shipped box of Candylipz had arrived.



2 thoughts on “Fuller lips with Candylipz: Review

    • I hasn’t been going too well. The continued bruising was a huge detraction. So, I stopped using it. Once in a while I give it another go, but I can’t seem to use it on a regular basis. Sadly, because of this I haven’t achieved permanently plumper lips.


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